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Mass grave found in eastern Syria

BEIRUT (Reuters) - More than 230 bodies of people believed killed by Islamic State militants have been found in a mass grave in Syria's eastern Deir...

Obama mistaken for waiter, valet driver

Barack and Michelle Obama have revealed their experiences of racism in a wide‑ranging interview with celebrity weekly Pe

Eight-year Venus probe ends after it runs out of fuel

The space probe that spent eight years carrying out a detailed analysis of Venus is out of fuel and will float to a fier

FIFA ethics investigator Micahel Garcia resigns

MARRAKECH, Morocco (Reuters) - FIFA ethics investigator Michael Garcia resigned on Wednesday in protest at the way his report into the 2018/2022 World Cup...



Russia’s richest lose $10 billion in two days as ruble collapses

Russia’s 20 richest people lost $10 billion this week as the central bank raised interest rates...

London housing market rebound helping to drive UK increases

U. K. house prices extended their longest stretch of gains since before the financial crisis as London rebounded from a slowdown earlier in the year,...

Philippines starts evacuations before super typhoon reaches land

Philippine authorities began evacuating provinces in the country’s east, shutting schools and...

Audi plans electric crossover for US to challenge Tesla

Audi AG plans to roll out an electric‑powered crossover in 2017 to challenge Tesla Motors Inc. for wealthy, environmentally conscious consumers.